Siberian Larch hot tub

Why to choose Siberian larch hot tub? Siberian larch is a strong and dense wood. Siberian larch is a colorful and interesting and it has one of the best weather resistance of the trees. Good resistance is because larch consists the special resin.Badebottich
Due to weather conditions, where the wood grows, the resin is distributed very evenly between the fibers inside the timber, and it works antiseptically, that protects from moisture and pests. It has moisture resistance more than oak, ash and pine. By time the density and durability of larch increase. Since larch is fit for use, thanks to its large resin in natural form, it will be used outdoors as an alternative to impregnated wood. Since ancient times there has been used larch to building ships and boats.
Siberian larch is one of the most long lasting wood, it is also used in the construction of the ancient city of Venice.

Siberian larch hot tub stave and bottom thickness 45mm!

We send the hot tubs assembled.

Package includes:hot tub

  • bath barrel made of Siberian larch (thickness of the staves and floor is 45mm)

  • stainless steel screws

  • submersible stainless steel or marine aluminium heater 3M (with effective spiral pipe in the heater) . Or external heater.

  • 2m stainless steel stove pipe and cap (also possible extended pipes or/and make different angles)

  • stainless steel hoops with adjustable bolts M16

  • two corner protection fence - gives more space in a hot tub comparing with a straight fence (not included if hot tub is with external heater)

  • wide seats - more seating area, more comfort

  • massive stairs - safe, comfortable to step in

  • plate for drinks (attached to the fence, not included if hot tub is with external heater)

  • drain for getting the water out, ready for a hose connection

Diameter Height Depth Seats Inside/outside heater Weight
162cm 113cm 100cm 5/7 350kg
182cm 113cm 100cm 6/8 400kg
202cm 113cm 100cm 7/9 450kg
222cm 113cm 100cm 8/10 500kg
242cm 113cm 100cm 9/11 550kg

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