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Bath barrels are a beautiful addition to any garden landscape!


Bathing in the barrel is very extreme feeling, it is refreshing, relaxing and healing. The best thing is that our hot tubs can be enjoyed all year round! hot tub


Standard hot tub sizes start at 162cm diameter and end at 242cm diameter, but it is also possible to make special sizes (e-mail for details).


We have hot tubs made from spruce, Siberian larch, lightly burned from Spruce and exclusive hot tubs made from heat treated wood and inside covered with stainless steel.


There are seats for 4 to 10 people, depending on the size of the tub. It is important that you do not choose a hot tub that is too small for your needs or too big. Remember, that large hot tub takes more water and require more time to heat, but nevertheless it has the space that significant outdoor pool must have!


We produce both submersible heaters or external heaters, but of course you can order the hot tub also without heater. You can get full circle seating inside the hot tub, for example if you use it only in summer with cool water. It is also possible to order only stainless steel and marine aluminium heaters and stainless steel tub Enjoyable bathing!             -Benexter LLC-

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