Hot tub Spruce

hot tub spruce

Hot tub stave thickness 45mm and floorboards 40mm!

We send the hot tubs assembled.


Basic package includes:

  • bath barrel made of spruce (staves 45mm and floor 40mm)

  • stainless steel screws

  • inside stainless steel or marine aluminium heater with effective 3M spiral pipe in the heater. Or marine aluminium 6M external heater as a basic package. Bigger hot tubs diam. 222-242cm have the inside heater 6M

  • 2m stainless steel stove pipe with a rain cap (also possible extension for the pipes or/and under different angles)

  • stainless steel hoops with adjustable bolts M16. Bigger hot tubs 222-242cm have 3pcs hoops..

  • two corner protection fence - gives more space in a hot tub comparing with a straight fence (not included if hot tub is with external heater)

  • wide seats - more seating area, more comfort

  • massive stairs - safe, comfortable to step in

  • plate for drinks (attached to the fence, not included if hot tub is with external heater)

  • drain for getting the water out, ready for a hose connection

Diameter Height Depth Seats
Inside/Outside heater
162cm 113cm 100cm 5/7 250kg
182cm 113cm 100cm 6/8 300kg
202cm 113cm 100cm 7/9 350kg
222cm 113cm 100cm 8/10 400kg
242cm 113cm 100cm 9/11 450kg

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Prices include taxes 20%

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