Wood burning stoves

Stainless steel or marine aluminium heaters and stainless steel hoops for hot tubs


External heater 6M or 12M

-marine aluminium
-stainless steel AISI304
-stainless steel AISI316 

The external wood oven dimensions: width 500 mm, length 650 mm and height 740 mm (legs 40mm).
The heater has a six meter spiral tube in the combustion chamber, which will give even more performance and efficiency. There is also a water wall all around the fire box.
Heating surface ca 2,1m2 if 6M outside heater or 12M ca 2,66m2.
The water can be removed from the heater from the water tap. Wood stove is supplied with fittings for connecting the hot tub, heat resistant hoses (+130 C), stainless steel hose clamps, stainless steel chimney 120cm and rain cap. Into the firebox fits 55cm long firewood.

outisde heaters outside heaters powerful outisde heaters
coil pipe in the firebox

Hot Tub inside heater 3M

-marine aluminium
-stainless steel AISI304

marine aluminium heater

Complete heater package includes stove pipe with a rain cap, stainless steel attachment bolts, cover with a wooden handhold and metal air inlet. Heater has 3m long hot water pipe inside the heater, that is how the heating time is more effective and faster. Heating surface is ca 1,8m2.

spiral pipe



Hot tub inside heater 6M

-marine aluminium
-stainless steel AISI304

For bigger hot tubs like diam. 220-240cm we produce a bit more effective heaters with 6meter long spiral pipe. There are much more heating surface, that is how the heating is more effective and faster. Heating surface ca 2,08m2.

Heaters we sell also without any tubes or without stovepipes if needed.

Aluminum leads heat better than stainless steel but both are good. The temperature for bathing in the barrel is at its best at 36-37 degrees centigrade. Heating times varies depending on the weather, dryness on firewood and the beginning temperature of water.

Look at the page accessories if you need extra stovepipe, stainless steel protection net etc.

Hot tub hoopshoops

We make the stainless steel hoops without any welding in the middle of the band. To make the hoops, we need to know your hot tub extact diameter. Adjusting bolts diam. 16mm with nuts are included. 



Pictures of heater models produced during 2005-2008:

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