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Benexter was founded in 2005. Our company have both wood- and metalwork factory in Tallinn. Benexter produces mainly different hot tubs, barrel saunas and effective heaters from marine aluminium and stainless steel. Our goal is to offer wide selection of products with best quality.

Benexter Hot tub factory

20.07.2012 Benexter LLC achieved rating AA based on 2011 economic data.

19.09.2011 Benexter LLC achieved rating AA based on 2010 economic data.

22.09.2009 Benexter LLC achieved rating AA based on 2008 economic data 15.10.2008 Benexter LLC achieved rating AA based on 2007 economic data.

Certificate "Successful Estonian Company 2008"
Certificate "Successful Estonian Company 2007"

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Benexter LLC
Reg. No. 11180258
Factory: 2b, Suur-Sõjamäe põik, Tallinn 11415, Estonia.
Benexter factory is situated near the Tallinn Airport and about 6km from passenger port.

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Benexter LLC
Suur-Sõjamäe põik 2b,
Tallinn 11415, Estonia

Phone: +372 56607045
Fax: (00372) 6424 009
E-mail: info@benexter.ee
Web: www.benexter.ee

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